Pursuits: Organize your search!


GETTING STARTED: If this is your first time using Pursuits, please review the Quick User Guide below to set up your account.  It takes less than a minute to register.  After you are logged in, refer to the Quick User Guide for help with getting started (Includes registration code).  Pursuits was built to be very user-friendly, so you should intuitively get the hang of using Pursuits to organize your search.  Good luck with your Pursuits!

IMPROVING PURSUITS: Pursuits is currently in its early beta version.  While you can still organize your search, there is still room to improve the functionality and user experience of Pursuits. We appreciate any feedback you provide in order to help make Pursuits the preferred resource for job seekers looking to make their search more efficient. You can provide your feedback in the upper-right corner after logging in.