ENGR 289

If you register for Engineering 289, the course will appear on your UIC transcript that you have completed an internship or a co-op, referring to an on-the-job experience in your field of study. ENGR 289 is not a regular class; there is no classroom. The internship or co-op is “the class.” There are requirements to register for the course and for getting a passing grade on your university transcript. The purpose for ENGR 289 is two-fold:

International Students: Engineering students who study in the USA on a student visa must register for ENGR 289 as part of the process to obtain a work authorization (work permit) to work off-campus in the USA.

US Citizens and Permanent Residents: Registration for ENGR 289 is not required for Engineering students who are US Citizens or Permanent Residents, but, it is offered in case the student wishes to show internships or co-op work experience on his/her university permanent transcript. Any student may register for the course by submitting required paperwork to the Engineering Career Center (ECC) office.

ENGR 289 may be especially advantageous for Civil Engineering majors who accept a full-time co-op for a 6-month period of time (spring + summer or summer + fall). By doing so, the student may be eligible to take 6 months off the wait period to apply for a PE license. For more information on the PE requirements, see the website for Illinois Society of Professional Engineers. http://www.IllinoisEngineer.com

How to register for ENGR 289

Registration is slightly different between students who are US Citizens and Permanent Residents v. International Students. What is the same is this:

  1. The student turns in paperwork to the ECC (this includes a written job offer)
  2. ECC unlocks the course registration for ENGR 289 so that the student may register
  3. The student registers online for ENGR 289

Paperwork – what it includes:

  1. Written job offer – You need a written job offer from the company that wishes to hire you. It should be on company letterhead, and list: a) what the job is, b) when you are to start your job, c) when the job will end (if known), where the job is located, who you will be reporting to, and your hourly wage rate. Bring (or email) a copy of your internship/co-op job offer to the ECC office.
  2. CPT (Curricular Practical Training) for International Students – If you are an International Student, you must apply for and be approved for CPT before you may work off-campus. CPT stands for “Curricular Practical Training,” which is the title used by US Immigration which means “internship, co-op, or fellowship – work in your designated area of study.” Each work authorization (new I-20) is for one term only. It may be for a fall, spring, or summer term; there are rules for how many hours you may work. For any subsequent off-campus work, the international student must apply for a new CPT, even if the work is to be done for the same company. You will need a job offer letter as shown in (1) above plus a CPT application. Follow the instructions you will find in the following web link to the Office of International Services at UIC. Download the 5-page CPT application packet and read all instructions here

CPT Process– One of the pages is to be completed by the company making you the job offer. Please have that page completed before you bring all the paperwork to the ECC for approval. Your CPT application process is complete after:

  1. The ECC has reviewed your documents and signed off on them
  2. The ECC has unlocked ENGR 289 registration for you
  3. You have registered for ENGR 289
  4. You have had an in-person meeting with a representative of the UIC Office of International Services (OIS). Set up an appointment in advance or use their “drop in” hours posted on the OIS website. Stay in contact with OIS to find out if your application has been approved and when your new I-20 has arrived.

How to pass ENGR 289: Requirements

The class requirements for passing ENGR 289:

Submit two items to ECC by your assigned date. It will be prior to the end of the school term, before or during scheduled final exams. Use the links below to get the forms you need. You will need to turn in two things:

  1. Employer evaluation of student (your supervisor at your internship site fills this out)
  2. Student evaluation of employer (you fill out this online survey – This survey is for Summer 2016 CPT ONLY)

Please contact the ECC if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions. You may email the office at: tcicero@uic.edu